holiday & vacation guide to Kastellorizo (Kastelorizo) island

KASTELLORIZO HOLIDAYS is an accommodation, holidays and vacation guide to Kastellorizo (Kastelorizo) island in the Dodecanese, Greece. On KASTELLORIZO HOLIDAYS you will find information about Kastellorizo, its beaches and sights, as well as how to get there. We also present a GOING OUT GUIDE for you to better plan your holidays on Kastellorizo island!

Kastellorizo Island accommodation - studios-Houses-Hotels

We also provide a wide range of ACCOMMODATION (houses, hotels, apartments, rooms to let, studios, villas and other lodgings) so you can book the accommodation of your choice for your holidays. Lastly, we offer information on all other islands of the Dodecanese - so why not combine your holidays on Kastellorizo with a day-trip to Rhodes, Chalki, or Symi ?